Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Which My Writers Group is Extolled (and compared to Voltron)

So last night The Illiterati got together to talk writing and critique stuff. We also played video games.

Having a good group of writers to bounce things off of is amazing. A-mazing. You could sit in class and learn all the deft little rules about writing, but does anyone still believe that learning the rules is what makes you write compelling and meaningful words?

In a group, you're not just speaking words into an empty chamber, you are immersed together.
Their eyes and their hearts are the litmus tests for the power of your words.

Plus they tell you when you wrapped up a story too quickly. Or when you used too many adverbs. *slash!
But taking critique is hard. We feel defensive about our writing.. and honestly sometimes a member of a critique group just doesn't "get" something we wrote.

But when you LOVE the people in your group... well, that's beyond awesome. Your words are in a safe place under their editorial red pens, their critiques are meaningful--even if you don't always agree--because you know that they believe in your work, want to see you at the top of your game, and are pushing you ahead with all their editorial might along the writer's journey.

Of course, The Illiterati have one other advantage: together we form Voltron.

In short, get thee to a critique group/writers group!
A good group is worth its weight in some form of precious commodity.

Also, check out Mercedes breakdown of last night's fury:

Need help starting or finding a group?
Contact me!

P.s. I almost added "fulsomely" to the title of this blog post until I recalled that the word means offensively and insincerely flattering. What a strange morphology. Sounds like an innocuous word, but nooooooo, it's a tricksie negative. Like calling someone who talks too much a macrologist.


  1. I get to be the blue one. Because seriously, that's just awesome.


  2. Lol I will be the green one because I'm green with jealousy hehe.

    I've tried twice to start a writer's group in my city without much success which really is a shame. However I have a group of friends online who I can call on for critiques and advice. Not the same... but I'll work with what I got.

  3. You are seriously lucky!!! I've got two writers that beta for me, and I for them -- and they are wonderful people -- but we've never had the chance to meet. So, a real, live group of awesome writer friends is such a gift!

  4. Also, "fulsomely" is an adverb. *slash!