Sunday, June 10, 2012

Go See Prometheus (and Stay In School)

You know those nerdlings who line up at the movie theater hours and hours in advance to see the latest bit of sci-fi or fantasy cinema geekery?

I was one of those people this past thursday night for the opening night of Ridley Scott's new flick, PROMETHEUS. (Me and therest of my writers group The Illiterati!)

My verdict: If you like either of the first two Alien movies, or want to see space ships blow up and people get torched by flamethrowers and creepy oozing things causing general havoc... then go see this movie.

If you are more interested in having pretentious discontent because it isn't a clone of Alien (or because you just feel that pretentious discontent is the socially required response for anything that has any sort of hype surrounding it) then go back to your caves with noses in the air.

That being said, one thing that has threatened to eclipse the epicness that is PROMETHEUS was this bit of sic signage made by a theater employee.

Stay in school, kids.