Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'll Smack You With This Blog Post

This falls under the tag: "Stop Procrastinating Dude"

Ok, allow me to do a few laps as a chicken with no head. This has been a crazy few weeks.

I've got two kids under 3 bouncing off the walls, a house that looks as if a tornado localized in each room, people asking me to book shows for them. I have a reading to perform this weekend and I've got to organize my back-up dancers and pyrotechnics. Not to mention the writing gigs are flying my way faster than I can juggle them: from my day job (freelance technical writer), to possible journalistic endeavors, to contests, planning committee invites. And the band needs to practice for our upcoming shows, I have to find a babysitter, I've got a few recording sessions coming up, I'm trying to remember if I invoiced for the last one...

It's all enough to make a slacker like me turn to the Playstation for a coupla hours of veg time.

But NO! I'm the one who wants to pile my plate up high. Life's meant to be lived to the fullest!
Slackers don't win. Heck, they don't even finish!

So enough complaining. I'm jumping back in with both feet. Next time you hear from me it should be about the things I've accomplished!

Writing is a committment. Heck, living is a committment. You can't just quit. (Well, you could, but I don't reccommend it.)

We are writers because we write, not because we dream about writing, or tweet about writing, or blog about writing. So time to stop procrastinating and get back to the grist mill. Time waits for no man, unless that man is sucked into a gravitational anomaly... that's different.

But if I ever hear someone complain about how they don't have any time to write I'll smack them with this blog post by the estimable Mercedes M. Yardley.

For those of you wondering why Mercedes and I are always talking each other up (or talking smack) it's because we both belong to the Super Secret Order of Interdimensional Wombats, also known as The Illiterati. It's a critique group, it's a writers' group, it's a superhero convention.

If you've not found a few like-minded writers to meet up with (IRL or online) you need to get on that. If you want help or have questions, or just want to vent about some of the crazy critique group stories you have, please drop me a line!


  1. *cowers under blog post*
    okay, okay. i'll quit procrastinating.
    great post mason! way to be ambitious :D i feel it's the best way to live :)
    also, i wish i was part of your super secret order of interdimensional wombats. any order of wombats is fine, but interdimensional blows the top hat. i need a critique group that lives near me. all of my current group is scattered across arkansas. :(

  2. There's always time to write, you just have to chose to do it over other things.

    As for writer's group, I'd probably give a finger or two off my non-writing hand to be a part of yours hehe.

    Part of my NaNo this year is actually organizing write-ins for people around my area. My motivation for this? If even 2 or 3 of us hit it off I can hopefully wrangle them into becoming a more regular writing group. \o/

  3. Rock on, Mason! We're busy, but that's a good thing. I'd rather be busy than bored. Thanks so much for the shout out. You know your opinion means a lot to me. :)

    I plan to wear sparklers in my hair for the reading. See you in a few!


  4. So does this mean I don't get to use a broken collarbone as an excuse? Dang. Okay, real question is this: where do you find your inspiration? Because that is where I'm seriously lacking more than anything.

  5. I find my inspiration in my sheer awesomeness and humble nature.

    that is all.

  6. LOL yes... so modest :P

    But it seems to be working for ya dude!