Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Krampus Christmas

Okely dokely boys and girls. It’s Christmas time and I’m getting ready to get back into the recording studio to finish this album (there’s nothing better than a warm recording studio when it’s cold outside.) But before you think I didn’t get you anything for Christmas, let me stop you with a soft shushing sound and a frowning shake of my head.

I wouldn’t forget you, no I wouldn’t. See how thoughtful I am? How like the image of a gentleman scholar you have in your head. (Unless the words ‘gentleman scholar’ inexplicably make you think of Hannibal Lecter.)

Anyhow, now that you think I’m so magnanimous, allow me to let a little air out.
I only got you something if you own a Kindle.
And you have to pay .99 cents.
But hear me out first, you WANT to spend this .99 cents. Really, I’m doing you a favor by telling you to spend this near buck.
Here’s what I want you to do: buy the Shock Totem HolidayTales of the Macabre and Twisted 2011
Simple, right?
Why should you buy it? Two great reasons and then a bunch of other good reasons.
Reason 1: you get to read “A Krampus Christmas” by none other than Illiterati member Ryan Bridger (aka Battle Bunny)
Reason 2: you get to read “Heartless” by Illiterati member Merceded M. Yardley
That’s right, TWO members of my infamous estimable writer’s group are featured in this issue.
So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get off your lazy duff and have an awesome book filled with holiday havoc beamed directly to your Kindle.

Do it now or the Krampus will get you...

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  1. Well that sucks. I would TOTALLY buy it but I have a Kobo, plus Amazon doesn't do Paypal. Sad Ash is sad.