Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don’t Wait for NaNoWriMo to Write

Dude, there's like, Viking horns!

Most of you know that November is National Novel Writing Month. (Can I get a holla from my NaNoWriMo peeps?) The main gist is to provide a kick in the proverbial seat and write a 50k (or more) novel from scratch during the month of November.

Awesome! Anything to get writers to write = wunderbar. It’s the hardest part. I’ve heard professional estimopinions that 90% of people who claim to be writers never finish a novel. Yuck!

So if NaNoWriMo is what it takes, by all means be a Nanite.

But I’m gonna be blunt here. Don’t wait for NaNoWriMo to write.

It’s not cheating to write the rest of the year. I promise. Heck, it’s not cheating to have written 6000 words of your novel from here to November. (Just make sure you hit 50k words written DURING the month to make NaNoFame)

So, enough blogging and twittering about how excited you are for NaNoWriMo, start writing… NOW!

Seriously. Open Word and start. Dude, why are you still reading this blog?


  1. I love the tag "stop procrastinating dude" lol.

    You're such an inspiration, said it before, will say it again. There have been few days I haven't written since I met ya, it's been great.

    NaNo is great, but my goal is two finished novels by January 1st. That means LOTS of writing even now. I can do it! \o/

  2. Wow! 2 novels by January? Hardcore! Love it! Charge! More exclamation points!


  3. Well the plan is: NaNo for one and then the Plot and Paper Project for the other :D

  4. I'm participating in NaNo, too. Came up with an idea about a week ago and I've been working on outlining ever since. Never tried that before, so I'm using this lead up time to Nov. 1 to get my outline in order and do some research. I agree 100% with you though! It seems like a lot of people wait until November every year to write one novel. It's like, you know you can do this any time of year, right?

  5. Taking the time for some plotting is an excellent idea.

    Of course the flip side is revealed in the comment I heard that sparked this post: "I finished plotted out my NaNoWriMo novel and now I'm just waiting for November."

    NO! NO! NO! NO!


  6. Gah. Typo. PLOTTING, not plotted.
    bad mason, no doughnut.

  7. Blog envy. BLOG ENVY!!!