Friday, June 28, 2013

New Orleans Jam

I meant to write an insightful post about my amazing adventures in New Orleans for World Horror Convention 2013.

But instead I wrote this song. It’s on the ukulele, so you know it’s probably heavy metal.

But you can read a little about my experience by surfing over to these blogs.
(any of you jokers reading this, link drop those I am too lazy to remember in the comments)

What you need to know boils down to this:

  • I travelled with my great friends Mercedes M. Yardley and Matt Czar. Bailey Hunter and Harley May joined us. And we explored the city like champs.
  • We rented a house instead of staying at the hotel. Best. Idea. EVAR. Way to go AirBnB
  • Bats fly around the city. This is awesome to me.
  • Horror writers are far more cuddly and friendly than they have any right to be.
  • I met with my publisher. Yes. My publisher. I’ll spill the deets when we have the cover, promise.
  • I ate alligator and it really did taste like chicken. I wonder if bats taste like chicken too.

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