Friday, April 27, 2012

Contest: Win a Flippin' Kindle, Dude

No it's not my contest. I don't have the money to buy you a Kindle. But if you are a writer of sci-fi/fantasy/horror/awesome, Ken Kiser over at is giving away a Kindle 'cause he's crazy like that.

It's first-come-first-serve and caps out at 100 entries, so get off your duff and sign up!

7 Easy Steps to a Fulfilled Life:

This is probably what you'd get
if I were running the contest
2)    Read rules (they are short but manage to be slightly confusing anyways, whee!)
3)    Go to and create a login for the forum.
4)    Post a “hi my name is _____” in the WELCOME forum section. Say hi to a few people, make friends.
5)    Post the first 300 words of one of your novels/novellas/written voodoo spells in CONTESTS! > The Great Openings Contest
6)    Tell other writers!
7)    Wait to see if you win the Kindle.

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