Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Coming Up for Air

Hello people in the blogosphere, it’s been awhile since my last post and I’m here to tell you why.

I’ve been writing. Writing like a super-star.

And while I wish I could say I’ve been working on my WIP, I actually have not touched it in more than a month.

“Boo,” you say, “Boo mason, why aren’t you working on your book?”

Well boo is right. I’ve actually been at something I’ve never done before: I’m ghostwriting a book.

I really can’t give you details on the book, but let me tell you fellow writers, ghostwriting is a strange and wonderful process. It is also hard work, and the deadline is tight. I put in anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day writing and that is on top of my two other jobs.

But writing this project has given me all sorts of new insights into writing—in particular I’ve gained insights into the nature of procrastination and earned some secrets to writing on-demand instead of waiting for the ole muse to show up.

It’s taught me tons about working with deadlines breathing down your neck, about writing in a voice that isn’t really what I consider “mine”, and taught me that to be a writer you have to be able to suck it up and put in the time.

Stay tuned for some interesting stories from my adventures in ghostwriting… when I come up for air, that is.


  1. Interesting. And you are so freaking right about putting in the time. Whoa.

  2. Very interested in hearing about your secrets to writing-on-demand!!

    Also, you've been missed *hugs*

  3. Way to Suck! (it up and write that is)

    Really though, I'm proud of your hard work. :)

  4. Very curious about your Ghostwriting gig.

    With all these jobs, where does life come in?

  5. Hi, Mason! I hopped over from Hannah's blog to say hello. :-)

  6. K.M. Walton - how funny is it thinking about when we were young writers with no clue as to how much hard work it is? I wish i could go back to my teenage self and smack me (and yell "get to writing, sucka!")

    Asheyna - I miss me too! Can't wait to reveal these secrets.

    billie - Thank you for sparing me to work on this project!

    Mary, you squeeze life in wherever you can! Plus I'm a night owl, so when everyone's asleep I get a solid 3-5 hours writing time!

    Shannon - welcome to the craziness that is my blog. :)