Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Update and some Reviewer Love

Hey kids, just a quick update:

I'll be at the American Library Association Conference this weekend hanging with Stan Lee, Lois Lowry, B.J. Novak and Jane McGonigal. (Not to mention my pal John Palisano, who literally rocks.)

I'm wrapping up the new novel and fielding beta reader notes.

My super secret writer's group, The Illiterati, will be heading out of country for our annual writer's retreat. If I email you requesting bail $, it's a scam. I'd just call you.

Last year my short story "When We Change" was published in the WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS anthology (01Publishing) Not only has it gotten some great reviews (Take, for example this one from Innsmouth Free Press, and my story in particular gets some love from SFFWorld.Com) but the publishers are coming out with a print edition for Fall 2014. Huzzah. Stay tuned.

CHIRAL MAD 2, which features my story "Another Man's Bones" has been garnering a bunch of awards.

Also: my short novella / long long story PIERCING THE VEIL (Samhain Publishing) has been getting some nice reviews over on Amazon and elsewhere.

Dark Eva has this to say:
"[PIERCING THE VEIL] has a lot of depth and intriguing layers that highlight not only the author’s skill but also a story with substance."
Read the whole review here: http://thedarkeva.com/2014/05/17/book-review-piercing-the-veil-by-mason-bundschuh/

And Horror Novel reviews says:
A genuine story switch here, I have read quite a number of tales but this one most certainly traveled in an atypical direction. And I must say I am quite enthused with the unique qualities offered forth by Mason Ian Bundschuh. 
Read the whole review here: http://horrornovelreviews.com/2014/03/01/mason-ian-bundschuh-piercing-the-veil-review/

I'm tickled that nearly every reviewer loves to hate the protagonist, Simon. My nefarious plans have come to fruition.

And that's all the news I can think of at this moment.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Shock Totem Issue 8.5

Hey all you people that live on the internet:

My short non-fiction piece "Unlearning to Lie" is in Shock Totem Magazine Issue 8.5 (Amazon link)

This makes me all giddy and stuff like that. Support this amazing magazine while getting a glimpse into the dark corners of my mind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Piercing the Veil

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you my brand new short novella/long long story: Piercing the Veil

"She's electric, boogie woogie, oogie..."
Get yerself over to my publisher's website to grab a copy Samhain Horror
Or if you're more traditional and like the Amazon thing, go here

What's it about?

Simon, a brilliant but narcissistic grad student, will do anything to get a position at a nearby cutting-edge particle collider. So when a bitter and discredited professor offers him the chance at a secret research position on the cusp of proving an impossible theory, Simon thinks it’s a dream come true. But the math doesn’t quite add up and the other technicians working graveyard at the collider give him the creeps.
Meanwhile, students are disappearing from his university at an alarming rate. When Simon becomes the prime suspect he realizes there may be a horrible link to the erratic and impossible research at the collider. Simon is learning that his coworkers may not entirely be human after all. And the disappearances are getting closer to home.
Throw in the sci-fi paranoia of Philip K. Dick and a healthy dose of Lovecraftian cosmic horror and you're getting close.

And check out this "first-peek" review by the people over at Horror Novel Reviews:


Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Chiral Mad 2 love

Desi Writers' Lounge had insightful and good things to say about CHIRAL MAD 2, and this in particular to say about my story "Another Man's Bones" which opened up the anthology:
"...from the get-go, you are thrown headfirst into an opening story that embodies the essence of all that is to come: a spy-versus-spy style story about time-travel and the creation and destruction of the narrator’s various selves. It introduces the readers to the existential soup of time, memory, mirrors and consciousness that defines this collection."
 Awww shucks.

Now get out there and buy a copy to see for yourself. :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Chiral Mad 2 Review Love

Hellnotes had this to say about my short story "Another Man's Bones" in Chiral Mad 2:

[Chiral Mad 2] opens with “Another Man’s Bones” by Mason Ian Bundschuh. The perfect piece to motivate the reader to hungrily devour the remaining 27 stories. The storyline is not only unique, but delivers the creep factor. In doing so, Bundschuh baffles and eludes, until you reach that final well-structured sentence. This essentially is a story of one man’s quest to eliminate the ultimate foe.  He is a writer this reviewer recommends you seek out beyond this anthology. What a treat, dear readers!

That is some love right there. Wow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rainmaker - Story up at Horror d'Oeuvres

I'm such a slacker.

My short story "Rainmaker" went up a monthish-or-so ago on Horror d'Oeuvres (a DarkFuse flash fiction site) and I TOTALLY FORGOT TO MENTION IT.

Face. Palm.

Anyhow, you needz to go to http://www.horrordoeuvres.com/rainmaker/ and get your read on.
Ok, it's a subscription-based site, but dude, it's worth it for a bi-monthly flash fiction story from some amazing authors (and me too).

Get over there and pony up.

And while you're reading that, I'll be driving off to a secret writing shindig with my writer's group, The Illiterati.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

When Procrastination is Good

Procrastination hits all of us.

It doesn't matter if you're a bohemian creative-type, or a motivated power-drive type... some days you end up burning hours on facebook, youtube, wikipedia, IMDB, or just pictures of cats.

Sure you may have learned something about the Lost Roman Legion (which bunny-trailed you to Military Use of Elephants, then to Efforts to Clone the Mammoth, then to Mitochondrial DNA), but DANGIT that really important thing you really know you ought to do didn't get done.

Whether it be that book you're writing, the songs you mean to write or record, or that shell of a car moldering in your garage (that you keep telling your spouse will someday resemble a motor vehicle with tires and engine and everything!) -- if you don't do it, it doesn't get done.

Easy, right?

And every minute you're NOT doing the thing that must be done, you beat yourself up and guilt out, then drown your guilt in a bowl of apathy-ice-cream.

Or is that just me?

But sometimes we gotta take a break to do something that is worth doing. Something that recharges you, rather than something that just eats up time.

Play with the kids. Read a book. A paper one. Remember those? Go to that durn park that's been nearby the whole time you've lived here but you've never been. Built a rocket. Learn to play ukulele.

For each of us there are different things that recharge you.

For me it's playing music. Ask my wife, I pretty much have a stringed instrument in my hands at all times.

And recently I've gotten into BUILDING guitars. Or at least modding and assembling guitars from random parts, trying out custom wiring tricks, etc, etc.

Here is my baby. It's a 1990 "Partscaster" an old blues surfer guy in Hawaii made and sold to me. It was my first real guitar. But somewhere several years ago the electronics failed. Sad times.
1990 Partscaster, rebuilt 2014
But if I had made one, my new year's resolution would be "Learn to fix and build guitars." Because no guitar should sit in a closet unplayed.

Sometimes you need to put off doing the thing that requires huge amounts of brain energy and creative mojo... if only to have recharge time.

What's something you do to recharge?